Hippo Heater/Bulbless Solarium

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Bulbless/Glassless Heater – Horse Solarium.


Variable temperatures, so can be used for heating a stable/loose box overnight right up to a solarium to dry your wet horse (after he’s had his Hippo Shower).


These infra-red heaters are safe. There is no bulb to break, no glass to fall, and are smooth to touch.

They heat only the horse, not the surrounding bedding etc.


The heaters are available in single (wall mounted) or double (hanging) units, depending on how you want to mount them.

One single unit would be perfect as a stable heater, to keep the chill off, to help prevent winter coats, or for foaling boxes.

Two single units would be ideal to place on opposing walls of a smaller wash box/stable for use as a solarium, or to keep a foaling box hot.

A double (hanging) unit would be for a wash box where the unit required hanging (eg when the walls were too spread out to have two wall mounted units).


The technical stuff:

Single heater: 1.6kw

Double heater: 2 x 1.6kw (3.2kw)


Aluminium surface element, uses unique infra red technology – producing clean, safe, low-carbon heat. It is silent to use, and boasts an easy to clean, lightweight and slim design.


All the heater units are covered by a 24 month warranty on parts

Additional information

Weight N/A

Black, Blue, Pink


Double (hanging frame), Single (wall)


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