Getting your Hippo Fixed.

Whilst we do everything in our power to ensure your Hippo Shower lasts forever, sometimes things can go wrong. But… don’t panic! We’re here to help.

You can send your boiler back to us to be checked, tested and fixed. This can be done in warranty, or out of warranty (all work and parts are covered in warranty, except for frost/frozen damage, where we do charge for the part – £50 – but not the labour).

Your boiler will be checked, tested, fixed and recommissioned by a qualified LPG gas person. We will run it, and test it thoroughly, to ensure it’s firing up and burning correctly.

It is very important that you follow the procedure below in order to get the best from your repair.

Please remove your BOILER from the frame – this is the silver unit – you will need to undo the small bolt at the top and the small bolt at the bottom of the unit. Put the bolts somewhere safe. Take off the water hoses. Put them somewhere safe. You will need them to put it back together!

DO NOT TAKE OFF the gas hose and regulator. Keep them on, so we can test them.

Box up the boiler, wrap it in bubble wrap, or a couple of clean numnahs (it will be returned to you in the same box so your wrapping will be returned).

Print off the Repair Sheet on the link below, fill in the details, and pop it in with your boiler. This is essential, so we know who the boiler belongs to and if there are any issues we need to look at specifically. There is also an address label there for you to stick onto the box.

Find a courier company – we use Parcel Monkey for these small items, and tend to use the measurements 20x40x60cm and 4kg. But obviously this depends on what box you put it in and how you wrap it. Book the courier to our address (on the label). If you’re sending the boiler to us under warranty, we will refund the cost of the courier up to £10 (which covers the Parcel Monkey courier cost with the measurements above) as long as the unit is faulty and not just being used incorrectly/had batteries put in upside down.

When your shower is ready, we’ll book the courier and let you know when it’s on its way home.

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