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Mr Hippo, Mrs Hippo, and the three mini Hippos. Plus Lyndsay the Admin Extraordinaire, Martin The Plumber that helps build and wrap, and Mr Powdercoating Man down the road.

We are a little family business, based in deepest Fenland in South Lincolnshire. 

We had a little Highland Pony called Lonni (Lonach of Forglen, aka the 'Hippo') who had a serious dislike of being washed with cold water, a Mrs Hippo who was a walking disaster zone when it comes to using gas... and a Mr Hippo who was rather good at making things, fabulous at welding bits of metal and happened to be qualified to do LPG non-domestic boilers
(he has since gone on to do his full Gas-Safe qualification course!).


When none of the other showers on the market measured up to what we needed, and weren't safe enough to ensure Mrs Hippo wouldn't burn the yard down, Hippo Showers were born.
It was our mission to make something SAFE and useable.
We didn't want to join the (dangerous) trend of strapping a gas bottle onto a sack barrow, next to a boiler containing actual flames. There are too many of 'those' types on the market and they wouldn't pass a basic safety gas check! 

Our (Patent Office protected) designs combined with our super self-igniting boilers with auto-protection means you're in safe hands!
We also
 offer life-time after care, with all servicing and repairs done in house.

We started in our garden shed, with the children sticking the stickers on. But now, we have a proper premises, and have a handful of brilliant employees. Our product range has grown and grown (solariums, hose booms, hoses, and even shampoos and wash mitts!) and so has our love for our little business.

We have built an excellent reputation for creating such good quality products, and we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service we can; regularly receiving feedback confirming this. This makes us fuzzy in our tummies with pride. 

Every single shower, and every single customer is important to us. We love hearing how your Hippo is getting on, getting photos and updates etc. So... there you go. That's us. 

Mrs Hippo is also a bit of a superstar in her own right, having been awarded Saddle Fitter of the Year she also has an educational YouTube Channel and Facebook Page

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