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Need to send your Hippo back to us? Follow these simple instructions.


  • Unattach the WATER hoses only, these are a simple push fit connection, so you just need to gently pull the little brass sleeve down at the top to release the fitting. 

  • LEAVE THE GAS HOSE AND REGULATOR ATTACHED (this is the orange hose) Whilst we will probably replace this, we need to check your current one in case it is contributing to any fault. Also, we don't want non-qualified people putting their own gas hose back on! 

  • Remove the silver boiler from the frame - to do this, undo the single bolt at the top and the bottom using an allen key and 10mm spanner. We only need the boiler, not the frame, as it will add significantly to your postage costs. 

  • Wrap well, and tuck it up into a box.

  • Download the paperwork below, print it out, fill it in and pop into the box with your boiler. 

We tend to use Parcel Monkey to send boilers, as they are reliable and cheap. This should cost approx £9. Depending on the box size you use. 

You are responsible for the safe packaging and delivery of your boiler to us. We will package it well to return it. You are also responsible for the cost of the courier to us, we will pay for the return delivery. If the boiler is found to be faulty, and is still under warranty, we will refund your postages costs, up to £10.

If there are repairs that are chargeable (eg not covered by your warranty, or service you’ve paid for), we’ll contact you to confirm this, however we will keep the costs as low as possible. We will, where necessary, upgrade you free of charge to a new gas hose and regulator to ensure safety. 

If you have any questions, please let us know. We’re always here to help. 

Team Hippo xxx

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