All the fabulous-ness of your Hippo shower, but for people that don't need them to be portable. This is gas and battery powered. No need for elecrticity.

Hippo Shower - Wall Mounted

  • All the fabulous-ness of a Hippo shower, but for people that don't need them to be portable.

    Suitable for wall mounting in well ventilated area, away from combustable materials.

    Comes complete with custom built unit, which includes a rack for your shampoos.


    An 8 litre per minute hot water boiler, on custom built wall unit. There's no need to have a more powerful shower as this one is plenty! Designed to work.

    Self igniting boiler, without loss of flame or pressure.

    Digital temperature display to monitor and adjust water temperature.

    Gas powered. No need for electric supply!



    • boiler
    • all fixtures and fittings
    • purpose built wall unit
    • 25ft expandable lightweight hose (RRP £110) with 7 setting hand held shower attachment
    • 5 metres of lead out hose
    • all top quality brass fittings
    • instruction manual
    • up to 5 year warranty on the boiler (based on coming back to us for an annual service, 12month warranty as standard).
    • 12 month warranty on all other parts


    All you need is a 6kg propane gas bottle, available from most petrol stations or Calor gas retailers.


    Boiler - 8 litres per minute. 16kw. Self igniting. Low water pressure start up. Auto protection. Carefully selected/tested to work, without loss of flame or pressure.


    We can also supply a custom shaped fire retardant backing board, in case you want to use your shower on wooden walls.


    Also available is a hose boom to keep the hose off the ground. Check out our other products.


    Please note, due to being made to order, there is a wait for delivery, please click on 'build time' for more info.