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A little ‘plug and go’ electric shower -

You asked… and asked… so finally we’ve made a little electric shower. Now, the reason we previously said ‘no’ was because it’s impossible to get anywhere near the power of our gas showers in an electric one.


Why? Because plug sockets can only handle 3kw. To put this into context, our gas boilers are 16kw. That’s over 5 times more power than a plug socket can handle.

So, what did we do? We made the electric shower teeny tiny… and we made it so it warms the water, it doesn’t make it super hot. But hey, who washes with 70 degree water? No one! We only ever wash the animals in warm water anyway.


What do you need for the Micro-E Hippo Shower?

~ An electrical supply/plug socket that is suitable for 13amps (15amps with US plug), with RCD protection (aka a ‘trip switch’) and suitable earthing. This is standard for most plug sockets, but it mustn’t look like a teenager’s bedroom with 17 extension leads coming from it, 12 phone chargers, several lava lamps and an heated blanket etc - because the shower will draw 3kw of power from the plug.~ The plug socket must also be a minimum of IP66 rated ( this is a normal 'waterproof' plug socket -safe for wet areas and outdoors - we can supply this as an option, if needed).~ A water supply (eg a tap).~ A little screw or something to hang it from when in use.


What helps the Micro-E work best?

~ A spray head for your hose with a few settings, so you can find the one that works best (again, we can supply this as an option if needed, they come with the Hippo Hose)~ Using the shower as close to the tap as possible, the shorter the hose, the warmer the water that comes out.What you can expect from your little Micro-E Hippo Shower.

You won’t get floods of hot water (if you want that, you need one of the LPG powered Hippo Showers), but you will get a smaller flow of warm water. Whilst we tell people it’s most suited to rinsing off tails and legs, we get messages to tell us that whole horses have happily been washed with their Micro-E Shower. But, we still think, instead of a full horse wash (especially in the winter when the water coming from the tap is colder) that they’re more suited to smaller parts of the horse (or for washing dogs/making up feeds with warm water etc).

What do you get with the shower?

A touchscreen, portable shower unit, with brass fittings for the hot/cold hose attachment.

A 2 metre power cord.

A 12 month warranty.

An instruction manual.

There are also options to add one of our fabulous 25ft expandable hoses (including the spray head) for an additional £50 (rrp £119!) which are not only the best hoses in the world (in our opinion, and we know a lot about hoses) but they can also help create water flow as they contract.

The 9-setting spray head is equally fabulous and can help you get the right pressure for washing. The hoses come with all brass fittings too.


Plus you can add an IP66 waterproof outdoor plug socket (although these are also easy to purchase from a local DIY store if you don’t already have one on your yard) but we can only currently supply these for the UK plugs. EU plugs are available - see options. If you need an additional 'lead out' hose with brass fittings, you can order them via the 'spares' section of the website.

Want to see a little video of the Micro-E in action? Click on the link on the right of the page (under the options)


Please note, these showers are IN STOCK and available for immediate dispatch.

Micro-E Hippo Shower (Portable Electric)

£149.00 Regular Price
£119.00Sale Price
  • VIDEO of shower in action



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