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Deluxe 12v Pump.


SHURflo 2088-403-144 Pump:

12 VDC, 2.8 Gpm:

Polypropylene plastics
EPDM valves
Santoprene diaphragm
45 Psi pressure switch
3.5 Cam

Adjustable pressure.

Comes complete with rubber anti shock/vibration/noise reduction mountings. 

Also comes with the strainer/filter and elbow joint for the hose (usually extra). 

This pump is perfect for use with Hippo Showers and is ideal for those who have low water pressure to boost the pressure into the shower. It is also useful to help convert a wall mounted or portable (for a full conversion please see 'pumped conversion kit') into a pumped version. 


The pump comes ready to use with the shower - with the pressures set to work with the showers and expanding hoses. 


Some techincal stuff:

Shurflo 2088 Series Pumps are high flow, low pressure pumps ideally suited for beverage and water applications such as water pressure boost, portable water delivery, batch and transfer of product.

These pumps activate automatically as line pressure drops and turns off when a preset pressure is achieved.

  • HeavySelf-priming up to 12 vertical lift feet [3.7m].
  • Used in delivery and transfer applications up to 3.0 GPM [11.4 LPM].
  • UL/CSA-recognized components.
  • Built-in check valve prevents back flow of fluid.
  • Automatic turn on / shutoff.
  • Can run dry without damage.
  • Customer provided power supply required.

Shurflo 12V Pump - to work with Hippo Showers

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