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'Zingly, tingly shampoo for filthy hippos needing a boost'
This deep cleaning shampoo is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants. Plus tea tree, mint and avocado oils fora super clean and shiny coat. 
Perfect for filthy horses but also for itchy or scurfy coats. 


As soon as you take the lid off, and have a sniff you'll fall in love with this shampoo. 


Also useful as the first stage of a deep clean (can be followed with the Hippo Twinkle whitening shampoo or the Hippo Tangle conditioning one).


Please note, these shampoos are VERY concentrated and need to be diluted before use. DO NOT USE NEAT. 
We even have a Hippo Hippo Shaker for you to use for mixing. 


Full set of shampoos available here

Hippo Tingle - Tea Tree & Mint Shampoo

    • Drench your hippo in warm water
    • Dilute shampoo in mixer bottle (this is very important!)
    • Massage well into your lovely little hippo
    • Leave on for a few minutes
    • Rinse well with warm water
    • Dry your hippo. Bask in their beauty. Maybe kiss their little velvet nose too. 
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